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Monday, March 21, 2011

Susah Rupanya


rasanya dah lama aku tak menulis kat sini... alamak..ada orang kentut sebelah aku pulak nih... hihihihi... kang kene pg bw cebok la ni.... ok.. back tu business... nowadays it was a very huge challenge to raise up our children.. the environment is really tough... by hook or by crook we as a parent have to face it...  the most important is we need to polish our parenting skill through sharing information... reading.... attending course... and many alternative ways how learn about parenting skill.. bare in mind that children nowadays are really fast learner so we must be triple fast from the children.. so terlintas di fikiran ku.. macam mane mak aku besarkan kami 6 beradik tanpa ayah pulak tu... aku yang ada anak sorang ni pun jenuh bukak website.. baca buku pasal parenting skill...salute to mak....

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